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A space enthusiast must-have.

Orbit cards are limited edition trading cards depicting space technology throughout our solar system and beyond. Cards contain unique graphics portraying iconic space technology and phenomena with key facts and metrics. These digital cards turn major technological innovations into limited-edition keepsakes by compiling enticing graphics and key information. Each piece of space technology is transformed into a limited edition NFT trading card available on Rarible and Open Sea marketplaces.

Martian Exploration Cards

Collect next-generation rover cards that investigate
signs of habitable conditions on Mars

Climate Observation Cards

Collect satellite cards that map global temperature
patterns to identify regional climate change.


Climate Observation Card Series (Available Now)

Our Climate Observation Collection is dropping with three groundbreaking earth weather satellite cards; NOAA-20, SUOMI-NPP, and GOES-8. Cards contain animated images illustrating the satellites in action, plus key facts such as geolocations, orbital speed, and current status.





Mars Exploration Card Series (Coming Soon)

Our Mars Exploration Card series is dropping with three game-changing Mars rovers; Sojourner, Perseverance, and Curiosity. Cards include images of the Rovers in action on the Martian surface along with essential information such as landing dates, mission goals, and current status.




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